SBB works actively on property development and approximately 10–20% of the property stock consists of the Urban development segment.

The properties that SBB acquires in the Urban development segment are cashflow properties with development potential that generate a positive cashflow up to the detailed planning and further development stage. Acquisitions are usually made off-market and following dialogue between SBB and the respective municipality to ensure that the property and its immediate area are an urban development priority.

SBB has a commercial project organisation with sound experience of property development and transactions. The team is headed by deputy CEO Krister Karlsson. In the past few years, members of the team have taken responsibility for a portfolio of construction rights amounting to a total of a million square metres (habitable gross area). The team works actively to create flexible and rational construction rights (housing rights, tenancies and social properties) and has produced construction rights that suit a wide range of investors. The organisation also has extensive experience of creating detailed development plans that create volume and value, and of launching and completing sales early in the planning process.

What is SBB’s approach to sustainable urban development?

SBB takes the view that sustainable urban development is founded on location, particularly locations close to public transport. SBB believes that modern urban living ought to be possible without a car and that public transport, local services, healthcare, schools and care services should all be found locally. This being key, most of SBB’s properties acquired for development are located close to rail, metro and tram stations. This is the case for acquisitions in the Stockholm region and in the rest of Sweden. All SBB’s development areas are in designated priority transport locations such as the East Link railway project and district centres.