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Error reporting and 24/7 on-call
If something urgent happens in your apartment after office hours, you can contact the on-call service at
tel. +46 200-22 72 00.

Important to know!
The on-call service is intended for urgent matters such as water leaks or blockages in overflowing drains.
If your case is not urgent, such as the stove not working or if you have a broken light in the fridge, you will have to pay the emergency costs yourself.

You can easily report common service issues directly on My Pages or in your Tenant App.

What counts as an acute error?
An emergency fault is something that can pose a danger to a person or a property.

Here are some examples of urgent errors where you contact our call center directly on +46 200-22 72 00

  • Broken glass window with risk of personal injury or burglary
  • Windows on ground level that cannot be closed with the risk of burglary
  • Apartment door that cannot be closed with the risk of unauthorized entry
  • Water sprays from broken pipe
  • The apartment or the staircase is completely without electricity
  • Someone is stuck in the elevator
  • You cannot get out of your apartment through the door
  • The emergency always assesses your case to see if it is urgent or not.

You are obliged to act if you find inappropriate animals in your apartment, such as bed bugs or cockroaches.
You make a report via My Pages or via your Tenant App.

Making a service report
Before you log in to My Pages or in your Tenant App, and make your fault report, you need to know what you, as a tenant, have to fix yourself.

You can fix this yourself in your apartment:

  • Change the battery in the fire alarm
  • Clean floor drain and water trap
  • Replace fuses
  • Change lamps and fluorescent tubes, also oven light and bathroom cabinet lighting
  • Change and clean the filter in the cooker hood and hood
  • Clean ventilation devices
  • Cleaning drain pipes in refrigerators
  • Tighten loose screws on e.g. door handles and cabinet doors
  • Maintenance of own installations such as e.g. washing and dishwasher
  • If you have problems with your fiber TV or fiber network, contact your service provider

We help you with this in your apartment:

  • Dripping or leaking taps, element or toilet
  • Clogged, or bubbling sound in the drain even though you have cleaned the drain and water trap
  • Broken fridge, freezer or stove. Don’t forget to check the fuses first!
  • Fixed fixtures that are broken
  • Broken doors and windows
  • Electrical outlet and switch
  • Broken fixed bathroom furniture
  • Water is missing
  • Heating that does not work satisfactorily for a long time. The heat is automatically adjusted according to the outside temperature. This means that it may take time for the heat to settle

Community properties

Please visit the community properties contact page

When reporting a fault, search for your property and see the service number