SBB is an accountable, long-term property owner and landlord. In order to remain so, and to promote lasting, sustainable growth, we want to act responsibly. We want our Code of Conduct for Suppliers and our Sustainability Code for Suppliers to ensure that we work together with our suppliers and partners to encourage sustainable development in an ethical manner. It is therefore important to us that as suppliers you also confirm and accept our Sustainability Code for Suppliers, and our Code of Conduct for Suppliers.

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We hereby confirm that as a supplier to SBB, we have read, understand, accept and will apply SBB’s Code of Conduct and Sustainability Code for suppliers.

We understand that these documents apply to us in all markets and jurisdictions where we conduct operations with, or indirectly represent or work for, SBB. We accept that these documents are to be regarded as an integral part of our contract with SBB.