Additional equipment
If you wish to install a dishwasher, washing machine or tumble dryer, you can be granted permission to do so in some properties. Contact your local office to find out the rules for the property in which you live.Balconies
Tenants are not allowed to shake rugs on the balcony. Window boxes may only be hung on the inside of the balcony due to the safety risk.

Charcoal, disposable and gas barbecues may only be used at ground level. The barbecue must be sited at least 3 metres from the wall. It must be placed far enough away from the property that the smoke does not disturb neighbours. Tenants are not allowed to have barbecues in play areas.

Bathroom and toilet
No additional towel rails, hooks, cabinets, etc. that require holes being drilled in the wall may be fitted in tiled and plastered bathrooms. The tenant will be liable to pay compensation for any damage caused.

Bike storage
Bikes must be placed in a bike stand or bike storage room. Tenants are not allowed to keep bikes in the stairwell.

Broadband and cable TV
As an SBB tenant, you have access to a basic range of TV channels. Contact your local office for more information.

Cellars/loft space
The doors to cellars and loft space must always be kept locked. Store rooms must be kept locked. Nothing must be stored outside the storage space. Anything left outside a storage area will be removed and disposed of without further notice.

Consideration for your neighbours
Remember to keep conversation, music and sound systems at a reasonable level. Talk to your neighbours in advance if you are thinking of having a party.
Common causes of disturbance are loud noise from radios, TVs and stereos, playing musical instruments, loud parties and other noise, and animals that are not being looked after properly. Disturbance that takes place on a regular basis or late at night is particularly serious. Remember that as the tenant you are also responsible for the behaviour of family members and guests. Note that SBB can only take action against people causing disruption once this has been reported.

Doors and gates
Always make sure you have closed doors and gates behind you. This is important to make sure no unauthorised people gain access to the building.

Tenants pay their own electricity bill. Contact the municipality in which you live to sign up for electricity services.

Entry for maintenance
SBB has the right to enter your apartment to conduct necessary inspections and carry out repairs and maintenance work. If the property is at risk, SBB has the right to enter the property without permission from the tenant. Once notice of tenancy termination has been given, you are obliged to show the apartment to prospective new tenants.

Garage/parking spaces
Garages/parking spaces are only for cars. Garages may not be used for storage or as a workshop or for any purpose other than parking vehicles.

Home insurance
The tenant undertakes to have valid home insurance throughout the period of the tenancy. SBB is not liable for any damage to your property occurring in the event of fire or other damage to the apartment.

Laundry room/drying room
You are responsible for leaving the laundry room clean and tidy after you. Clean all filters and wipe down the machines after use. Mop and wipe the floor.Liability
The tenant whose name is on the contract is responsible for the apartment and for other people living in or visiting the apartment. SBB may terminate the rental contract if the tenant does not pay the rent on time, does not take care of the property or disturbs neighbours.

Maintenance and renovation work
Contact your local office for more information.

Outdoor space
Help us to keep the outdoor space and green areas tidy by putting rubbish in the waste bins provided.

If you find pests (e.g. bed bugs, ants, rats, cockroaches) in your apartment it is important to report this quickly to minimise their spread. Report pests to 0200-22 72 00, 24 hours a day. For hygiene reasons, you are not allowed to feed birds on the balcony or outside the apartment. Birds cause mess and the food can also attract rats which might enter the property.

Pets must be kept on a lead outside the apartment. Always pick up your animal’s excrement. Also remember that your neighbours may be disturbed by your pet.

Recycling and waste
You sort and throw away your domestic rubbish in our recycling rooms. You need to take furniture, electronics, garden waste or hazardous waste to the municipality’s recycling centre.

Satellite dishes
Tenants are not allowed to attach satellite dishes to SBB’s properties.

Smoke alarms
Check that there is a working smoke alarm in your apartment.

Smoking is prohibited in premises and spaces whose use is shared by all tenants. Remember to show consideration for your neighbours if you are smoking on a balcony or outdoors.

You are not allowed to store anything in the stairwell, such as pushchairs, rollators, bikes, furniture, shoes or rubbish. This is a fire risk, blocks evacuation routes and makes cleaning difficult. SBB constantly checks stairwells and cellar corridors. Pushchairs and rollators must be stored in the designated place. Doormats must not be placed outside the door to the apartment as they make it difficult to clean the stairwell.

Sub-letting must be approved by the landlord.

The temperature in your apartment is maintained at 20–21 degrees C. It will not fall below 18 degrees C.

Trampolines / paddling pools / gazebos
… or similar are not permitted on the property.

Clean the ventilation in bathrooms and kitchens regularly.

If you lose your keys, if the lock has to be replaced or if you lose your key cylinder to book the laundry room, you will be charged for the cost.