If you have a first-hand contract with SBB you can apply for apartments in the internal queue.

Your queue number is counted from the date of your lease.
You must have lived at the current address for at least one year and you must be able to meet SBB’s requirements in order to be able to apply for a new apartment. This means that if you already live in one of our apartments you will be given priority over any new applications.

All vacant apartments are advertised through HomeQ. You create an account at homeq.se where you can then submit an application for an apartment that matches your preferences.

SBB will process your application swiftly and will then invite you to view the new apartment. Apply for a new apartment on www.homeq.se

The exception to this is Stockholm, where there is no internal queue and you apply for a flat through Bostadsförmedlingen.

Read more about how we treat your personal data in our personal data policy.