When is my rent due?
Your rent should always be paid prior to the last weekday in every month.

Can rent notes have the same OCR number?
No, every rent note has its own unique OCR number, and it is very important to type in the correct OCR number to ensure that your payment is registered correctly.

Who can apply for direct debit?
The person who applies for direct debit must be on the lease agreement.

How do I apply for direct debit?
You can apply for direct debit either through our app or here on our website using BankID (only available in Swedish). If you do not have BankID please contact Newsec by phone on 031-721 30 35 or by email on [email protected] to receive a form by post.

What should be filled in under: ”betalar-/kundnummer” on the direct debit form?
Nothing, you can leave that box empty.

When does my direct debit start?
For the direct debit to start, a confirmation is needed from bankgirot. Once we have received your application, it will be sent to bankgirot for a routine check of the bank account you have specified. When the direct debit service begins, it will be clearly stated on your rent note under the heading: ”Meddelande från hyresvärden”.

A newly registered and approved direct debit starts the first date of January, April, July, or October. For example, if you send your direct debit form in mid-January, the direct debit will start in April through the first withdrawal on the 31st of March.

What date is the rent deducted through direct debit?
The rent is always deducted on the last weekday of each month. This cannot be changed.

What if my application for direct debit is not approved?
If your application for direct debit is declined, then we will inform you by post. Usually, a declined application for direct debit is due to an incorrect bank account number. This means you will need to fill out and send another form to reapply for direct debit. In some cases, you need to contact your bank for more information as to why your direct debit has not been approved.

I live in a property that SBB has recently bought. Do I need to apply for a new direct debit?
If SBB has recently purchased your property, you will need to apply for a new direct debit. Your old direct debit with your previous landlord will not work.

Why have I received a debt collection claim?
It is very important that your rent is paid on time. A missing rent note is not an acceptable excuse for a late rent payment. If you are missing a rent notice, it is important that you contact us by phone on 031-721 30 35 or by email on [email protected] before the due date. If your rent is not paid on time, the rent note is sent to the debt collection company Ropo Capital.

If you know that you have paid your rent on time but still have received a debt collection claim, then you are welcome to send a certificate of your payment to us by email on [email protected] that clearly shows the OCR number and bank giro that the payment was made to.


If you have any other questions about your rent notices that were not answered in this FAQ, then you are welcome to contact Newsec on 031-721 30 35 or [email protected]. The call centre is open on weekdays between 10:00-11:00 and 13:00-15:00.