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Companies in the Group

The property companies below are directly or indirectly wholly owned by Samhällsbyggnadsbolaget i Norden AB.

Gimmel Fastigheter

Gimmel is a housing company with a strong focus on excellent customer service and reassuring residential environments. Gimmel owns approximately 1,800 rented apartments as well as retail and office space and assisted living facilities and is situated in Bollnäs, Söderhamn and Sundsvall.


Kopparleden manages more than 800 apartments and premises in interesting buildings in the county of Dalarna. Kopparleden offers apartments of varying sizes as well as offices, business premises and warehouse and industrial premises.


Sörmlandsporten is a financially strong and long-term property company. Sörmlandsporten has great faith in the property market in Sörmland and owns properties in, amongst others, Nyköping, Nykvarn and Gnesta.

Kuststaden Fastigheter AB

Kuststaden’s operations are focused on the ownership of its own properties and property development. Developing, upgrading and managing properties means Kuststaden can provide homes and business premises that offer a high standard and peace of mind.

Högkullen Omsorgsfastigheter

Högkullen is a property company that owns, manages, builds and acquires care properties – homes with special services for people with functional impairments. Högkullen’s housing solutions give people an opportunity to rise on the property ladder and the tenancy agreements are flexible and capable of taking changing conditions and legislation into account.